Judges, Prosecutors, Federal law enforcement and even private attorneys know little about the inner workings of the federal prison system because it is a very closed, quasi-militaristic organization. In fact, it is possible routine attorney and/or prosecutor practices may have a detrimental effect on your client. I believe my biggest asset is to provide input subsequent to a plea or verdict for general program and classification information, facility placement research and pre-sentence interview preparation relative to BOP issues. BOP facility information is fluid and my research is conducted real time not from some book or guide that is out of date the week after it is printed. 

One of the most over-looked areas I can assist with is how the information contained in the Pre-sentence Report will be weighed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The BOP has always referred to the Pre-sentence report as "The Bible", and any inaccuracies and certain wording may have a significant impact on decisions concerning your client's classification and program eligibility. An in-person briefing between myself and your client, prior to the PSR interview, will help your client understand how BOP officials will interpret and later apply your client's responses. 

Since opening my business, I have experienced a need for brief reports, declarations and technical policy feedback on a vast array of BOP issues and/or programs to assist attorneys at sentencing. It is common for attorneys to attempt to gather information on a to specific BOP program or facility only to give up due to a lack of BOP responsiveness and in some cases evasiveness. I have extensive information on facilities and programs as well as contacts throughout the country, so I can save you time and effort. 


I can also prove to be an asset at the sentencing, as I will be able to clarify any BOP issues and answer any questions the sentencing judge may have regarding a potential judicial recommendation for a designation location, classification, sentence computation issue, and/or BOP program. Judges are more comfortable in making specific recommendations when they have a Federal prison expert with credibility present at sentencing. Conversely, I do not believe ex-offenders or "experts" who never worked in the trenches of Federal system have the same credibility with the court.

I can also provide assistance in other areas, including (but not limited to) the transfer process, Residential Re-entry Center (RRC/Halfway House) placement, the Location Monitoring Program (aka Home Confinement), complex sentence computations, good- time and jail credit issues, administrative remedies, treaty transfers, the disciplinary process, medical treatment, visitation, furloughs, the voluntary surrender process and escorted trips, to name a few.

I sometimes run across offenders who hire a consultant and are coached to lie to get into a specific program, ie: Residential Drug Treatment Program, (RDAP), I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF CONSULTANT! I will, however, be able to share with you feedback about the RDAP, no other consultant can provide. I have placed hundreds of offenders in this program and I understand RDAP placement intricacies. I have personally seen 'consultants' do damage to offenders because they lack knowledge of the Federal system and its frequent policy changes and practices. I am not a cottage industry business like many consulting firms who attempt to capitalize through ineffective jumping from one specialized program to another. On this particular note; it is not hard to get into the RDAP. Many consultants lead you to believe it is difficult and their services are necessary "to get you into the program"! It is simply not true and not difficult to participate in RDAP provided you have the documented substance abuse history.  

Along these lines is the common myth that a consultant can get you designated to a specific facility. Obtaining a favorable designation is not difficult. However, I have witnessed many individuals pay large sums of money for unfavorable designations or their "second or third choice"!  

If you have a client who is apprehensive in taking a plea and you think it is in their best interest to do so, it is quite possible I may be able to step in as a voice of reason. Unfortunately, I have seen many offenders turn down a plea agreement for a short sentence only to roll the dice at trial and receive very lengthy sentences. In such situations, my independent consultation with your client could be just what is needed in order to bring the case to closure. I can by provide a realistic perspective about prison life while dispelling the myths which lead to uncertainty and anxiety.

I offer sound, practical advice and a game plan for you or your client to navigate the Federal prison system.




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Jack T. Donson, President and Founder 

The idea to launch My Federal Prison Consultant originated in the early 1990's, while I was working as a case manager at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, NY.  Time after time, I