I am often perplexed when I see the so called "prison consultant" on television.  Whether it is CNN, Fox, CNBC or print media, the personalities who represent themselves as the expert are often mis-informed when it comes to the Federal prison system. I often witness individuals provided inaccurate commentary in the major media outlets.  

For The Media

The idea to launch My Federal Prison Consultant originated in the early 1990's, while I was working as a case manager at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, NY.  Time after time, I

Then there are consultants who teach white collar offenders self defense techniques. This practice can have very negative consequences in regards to a prison environment.  First time, white collar offenders are ordinarily designated to minimum level, Federal Prison Camps.  If an offender attempts to defend himself with offensive or defensive techniques, they will be charged with fighting, placed in twenty three hour lockdown, assigned five minor violence points on their classification and may be transferred to a higher security, Federal Correctional Institution (FCI).      

I am available if you need feedback on a television documentary or movie.  I have been fortunate to have had numerous infamous, nationally recognized crime figures on my caseload over the years. 

Traditional Organized Crime, Russian Organized Crime, International Terrorists, Crypts, Bloods, Latin Kings, Aryan Brotherhood, Texas Syndicate, International Drug Dealers, Politicians, and White Collar Crime Figures.  Please refer to the High Profile Offender tab to view an extensive list of some of the individuals.    

You will not get more accurate Radio and Television commentary from anyone I the industry. Movie and Television documentary consultation will be billed at the daily consulting rate or as pre-arranged. 

I have been slowly working on a Book which I plan on completing during 2015. It will be a must read for those who realize the need to reform our entire approach to Federal corrections in this country.  

Trust me, the Witness Security Program and Otisville, NY Satellite Camp environments are truly surreal and duplicated  nowhere else in the United States.    

Note: I will NEVER discuss private clients due to a strict confidentiality policy!


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