The idea to launch My Federal Prison Consultant originated in the early 1990's, while I was working as a case manager at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, NY.  Time after time, I

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Jack T. Donson , President  & Founder 

                                                     WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU​

A substantial number of my clients are first- time, white- collar offenders who,  understandably, want to know what to expect once incarcerated so they can best prepare for the experience. If you fall into this category, rest assured, you will not get more accurate and updated information from any other consulting firm. Most, if not all, consultants overlook numerous preparation topics and even provide inaccurate, detrimental information. I routinely made it a point to carefully review the materials federal inmates were given by their consultants. It is remarkable how little they understand the prison system. It was unfortunate to observe intelligent, articulate business professionals taken advantage of at their most vulnerable time. My Federal Prison Consultant  will help you avoid being victimized.     

In addition to prison preparation services, I also provide assistance to incarcerated offenders families and loved ones. I will be a resource to support them as they meet the wide array of challenges in navigating the Bureau of Prisons during your  period of incarceration. I will also be able to visit you in prison unlike many consultants who are restricted by agency policy due to a prior offense. 


I have often seen offenders mis-classified, which can, and has resulted in their designation to a secure facility or higher security facility unnecessarily. I read the Pre-sentence report with a different and technical perspective and have experience processing designations. I have noticed even the most senior BOP staff members misinterpret policy, by designating a particular crime as a crime of violence, regardless of the fact the crime fell short of meeting the necessary criteria. Government officials won't advocate for offenders; they play an adversarial role. Moreover, government officials are reluctant to identify feasible solutions to problems, or to support program requests. As your Federal prison consultant, I will go over with you, in detail, the different issues to ensure you and your family are treated fairly by the federal system, and in accordance with current Federal regulations. 


I will travel anywhere in the United States because I believe a face-to-face meeting is more productive and essential. Most consultations can be completed in a 2 to 3 hr. session, however, I will dedicate as much time as necessary. My services do not end with the in-person interview.  I am available for you, and for your loved ones, throughout your period of incarceration should additional issues arise.