The idea to launch My Federal Prison Consultant originated in the early 1990's, while I was working as a case manager in the trenches of Federal Bureau of Prisons. Time after time, I observed inmates and attorneys pay substantial amounts of money to people claiming to be "consultants" who had very little practical knowledge about prison issues.

What was remarkable about these consultants was their limited information about the system, policy and agency nuances. A common theme aside from an overall displeasure with their services was false promises and under delivery.  Many of the consultants alleged (and still do) how they could get someone designated to a specific institution, more halfway house placement and institution transfers.  Snake oil salesmen for sure!

Federal prison consulting was a novel concept at the time, and post-conviction consultants were few.  One thing I did notice was how little "consultants" actually understood about the Federal prison system and how goals could be accomplished within the existing policy and statutory framework. At that time, most consultants were people who had served time and had very limited knowledge of the system aside from what their individual experience was like serving time. Think about being a patient in a hospital then coming out and practicing medicine!

I retired from the federal government in 2011, and am entering my 9th year of private consulting and over 32 years working with people on federal prison issues. My collaboration with private attorneys, non-profits and other organizations have continued to flourish which has given me more time to focus on my passion of Federal prison reform and advocacy.  In addition, my involvement with Prisonology has also allowed us to train federal defenders,  CJA Panel attorneys  and even judges on BOP issues from Alaska to Connecticut! I have also testified in federal court throughout the country and the United Kingdom have clients from around the world.   

I converse with BOP officials on a regular basis and serve on the corrections committees of the ABA & NACDL. I am up to the minute on federal prison issues and have a pulse on the system like no other.  

I have over three decades in corrections and have accumulated a vast amount of practical information you will not get from any consultant. Throughout my career, I've  consistently maintained a goal-oriented mindset which has been focused on :  How can I apply my skillset, knowledge and abilities in the private sector  to effectively assist offenders and families in preparing for their plea, sentencing, surrender and subsequent navigation through the Federal Prison System until released?       

I routinely see individuals get caught up in situations from bad advice which could have been avoided had they turned to My Federal Prison Consultant for a proper pre-sentence consultation.  My experience, observations, and analysis working in the trenches of the Federal prison system have provided me the knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled services such as :    

  • Thoroughly prepare offenders for incarceration & their Federal PSR Interview
  • Effectivelyassist incarcerated offenders and/or their attorneys dissect the intricacies of Bureau of Prisons Policy (ie: classification & designation
  • Systematically analyze  sentence computations for accuracy
  • Precisely list factors considered in the determination of program eligibility like the Residential Drug Treatment Program (RDAP, Compassionate release, First Step Act)
  • Thoughtfully walk attorneys and offenders through programs such as Residential Re-entry Placement (RRC/Halfway House) and the Furlough Program.        
  • Provide expert witness reports  and declarations on virtually any BOP related topic or program            
  • Sex Offender preparation and support                  

The years of hard work and practical experience I bring to the table is unique in the prison-consulting industry.  I have had assignments diverse environments, including, the Central Office in Washington DC (policy work groups & policy writing), the Regional Office in Philadelphia, PA (temporary duty assignments as Regional CIM Coordinator in Correctional Programs ) and the New York City Community Corrections Office to process Half-way House (RRC) referrals and designations before that function was transferred to the DSCC.

I have worked directly with  Administrative (pre-trial), Low, Medium, High,  Minimum (Camp) and Witness Security (WITSEC) populations.  

Over the years, I've debriefed numerous white-collar offenders about their prison consulting experiences and have come to one conclusion: MANY 'CONSULTANTS'  PREY ON INDIVIDUALS AND ATTORNEYS BY CHARGING THEM FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION AND  MISINFORMATION!  A majority of  the prison consults are operated by people whose skill set is only based on serving time in prison and high-level prison administrators. Their 'expertise' and perspective is narrow and limited. Don't be taken by the prison guide books, seemingly-sophisticated virtual tours, boot camps and the smoke and mirrors which take advantage of people. 

I will actually sit down with you and/or your family, face -to-face, in a professional, private office setting to come up with a strategy on any federal prison related issue.


​If someone repeatedly contacts you by direct marketing claiming they can get you 12 months off your sentence, more halfway under the Second Chance Act or First Step Act, transferred or initially designated to a specific facility; turn and run because you being played

Throughout the pages of my website, you will see exactly what sets me apart from everyone. I look forward to working with you to  clarifying the myths and rumors you've heard or read on the internet. I can help you and/or your Attorney avoid the detrimental and unfortunate advice you would have received from the many profiteers and opportunists.     

The long-standing, professional service and advice I have provided to the federal prison population and my stellar reputation over the past three decades speak volumes. I have dozens if not hundreds of unsolicited testimonials as to my efficacy from clients, attorneys and even federal judges.     

The idea to launch My Federal Prison Consultant originated in the early 1990's, while I was working as a case manager at the Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, NY.  Time after time, I

The Gold standard!


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JACK T. DONSON, President & Founder